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A Must-Have for Every Geek Girl: iPanties


There is such a thing as loving your iPhone too much, and this is it. Introducing iPanties - thong underwear with the play on words "Slide to Unlock" strategically placed right at the crotch. A perfect gift for the geeky girl in your life.


The iPhone underwear comes in black or white and is 100% cotton. Looks like Slide to Unlock boxers might be next.

You can buy them at

Wow, it must be in the must

Wow, it must be in the must have list things to buy for the girl.

[...] A Must-Have for Every

[...] A Must-Have for Every Geek Girl:? iPanties - Just A Guy Thing [...]

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Thanks for the funny! Keep

Thanks for the funny! Keep 'em coming. Reposted at

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