A Dating Site for Beautiful People Only

What if you went on a dating website and every single person on there was a stunner? That’s the concept behind an exclusive dating site called Beautifulpeople.com.

To join the site, you must submit a photo of yourself and allow the existing members to rate you. The ratings range from “Yes, definitely”, to “Hmm, yes OK”, to “Hmm no, not really” to “No definitely not.

If the members think you’re hot enough, then you get entree. If not, tough luck.

Only one in five people who apply for the site gets accepted. The site was launched in Denmark several years ago, but has now expanded to the U.S., Britain and Japan. It has accumulated 180,000 members worldwide.

Apparently Brits have the hardest time getting accepted to the site. Only 12 percent of British men and 15 percent of British women who have applied to the site have been accepted as members. In contrast, two-thirds of Swedish men and a whopping three-quarters of Norwegian women are approved.

As if being able to date a bunch of hotties wasn’t enough of a come-on, Beautifulpeople.com promises that those few who get in will get access to “glamorous parties, a jet-set global network” and “potential contracts from top modeling agencies”.

If you don’t get accepted or just don’t feel like applying, Beautifulpeople.com has a preview feature that lets you browse around and see what you’re missing. After spending some time poking around we can confirm that, yes, people on the site are definitely above average. Are they all “10s”? No, but there seem to be more hotties per member than most other dating sites we’ve seen.

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