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10 Reasons Why That Girl Hates Your Guts


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So you have met a girl you like, maybe someone at work, someone you met online, or your friend’s sister, whatever. You fancy her and have taken her on a date. You thought the date went well and you’re pretty darn pleased with yourself, so why is she rejecting your calls? Why hasn’t she taken you up for a second date?

Sorry to break it to you Romeo, but the simple answer is she hates you. Yes, you did something on that date that made her reel against you and made her wish she never met you. The only reason you didn't pick up on it is because she was too polite to let on, which is probably one of the reasons you liked her in the first place.

Here are 10 possible reasons why she hates you so you can avoid doing them in the future:

1. Me Me Me Me Me

While you are probably an amazing person that saved a whole village from a fire-breathing dragon, and you’re a pilot, talking all night about yourself is a big “no no”. While most of us realise this is not good dating practice, many of us do it without realizing.

If you feel like you might be waffling on a bit, break up the conversation by going to the toilet, and think about some questions you might want to ask her, like her job, family and aspirations. Relax, go back in there and refrain from talking about your amazing mother and how she does your washing.

2. Eating Like A Pig On A Truffle Farm

If you have gone to the effort of taking this lady to a nice restaurant, don't spoil it by shoveling food down your throat like it's your last meal. Bad eating habits are a massive turn off for women - she certainly doesn't want to see lamb fat dribbling down your chin. No one does.

3. Talking About Your Previous Girlfriends

The woman you are on a date with wants to feel special and that you are exclusively hers. While in the past you may have been a regular Hugh Hefner, she doesn't want to hear about your past lovers, even if you put them in a good light. Get involved with her and leave 'bendy Wendy' out of the conversation.

4. Talking About How Many Children You Want

Not all women are maternal - in fact, many women hate even talking about children in a new relationship as it adds pressure. This mistake can be easily made if there is a big age gap between you, if she is 18 and you’re 30, you are probably ready for kids, but she won't be. If she asks you if you want kids, just say 'yes one day with the right person'.

5. Comparing Yourself To Brad Pitt

You may think you look like a bronzed Adonis, but if you start blagging about how your mum thinks you look like Brad Pitt you’re going to sound like an egotistical tosser. Be humble and if she compliments on how handsome you are, play it down and accept it with humility.

6. Getting Wasted

Having a few drinks is a great way to help you relax and ease into a date, but going over the top until your legs forget how work is not going to impress her. Have a few drinks but stay off the sambuca shots!

7. Sleep With Her

The girl you’re on a date with might be the sexiest thing you have ever laid eyes on, and after a few drinks she may be very flirty with you. While it would be amazing to jump into bed with her, she will respect you a hell of a lot more if you politely take her home and ask to see her again. Have sex on a first date and that is all you will get.

8. She's Seen You Act Immature

If the girl is someone you know - maybe you work with her or she's your friend’s sister - then she has probably seen you act like a douchebag around her by acting up with her brother and getting wasted, playing pranks on other work colleagues etc. This first impression of you is going to be hard to shift so make sure you make every effort to be mature and responsible on the date, and help her realise you’re a smart, sophisticated individual.

9. Talking Politics

Politics is one of the biggest conversation pieces to stay well clear of on a first date. You could find yourself in hot water if your date has completely opposite views on politics to you, a very awkward situation to get out of. If she starts talking politics just play dumb and say you don't know too much, and hopefully she will change the topic.

10. Trying To Be Richard Pryor

You’re not funny - if you were you would be making a living out of it. Tasteless jokes and rubbish impressions are going to achieve nothing. If you have a funny story to tell about when you fell down the stairs and broke your pelvis, fine, it can lighten the mood a little - but stay well away from 'Chuck Norris quotes' and 'Dead Baby' jokes.

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What if you haven't taken the

What if you haven't taken the girl out, but she is a co worker? What if you really get along sometimes but others you push each others buttons?

Hi Chris, If you work with a

Hi Chris,
If you work with a girl attitudes to each other vary in a working enviroment and is a poor place to decide wether your compatible or not. Example is that in a past job of mine, I was always arguing and shouting with one of my co workers, simply because of the pressures of work, we used to argue about deadlines, reports, price changes you name it, but once we left work we were the best of friends and hung out all the time.

It's different for everyone of course but my advice is if you really want to know if she is right for you, ignore what she is like at work at take her away from that enviroment and see how you get on then. Hope this helps Chris. Take care.

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lighten up Francis, not all

lighten up Francis, not all women who don't want to date you, hate you.

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